Linux Format UK - Issue 254 - 2019 September

Linux Format UK - Issue 254 - 2019 September

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Is Ubuntu about to stop being my daily desktop driver? Probably not today, probably not tomorrow – but next year, the year after that, perhaps? Since 2004 Ubuntu has been making Linux users’ lives easier offering access to all the software their heart’s desire, but what happens when access to that software stops? My bet is people go elsewhere.

I don’t play games much, but I do game and I want access to my 15-year old Steam (for better or for worse) and GoG accounts. Canonical has clearly said 32-bit library support is basically on life support, so it feels like the time to up sticks and find a new home is approaching. That’s not to say Ubuntu is bad – it is without doubt superb for what it’s designed for, and that’s now for server, cloud and enterprise users.

As always with open source there’s a host of Linux-based distros out there that offer welcoming homes with a desktop-first approach. You just need to pick one. Why not try Mageia on the DVD as a first step? It’s pretty accomplished. It’s going to be interesting to see where desktop users migrate to beyond the release of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and that freezing of 32-bit library support, with the knock on effects for Mint (it has stated 32-bit lib support will follow Ubuntu’s lead) and other popular Ubuntu-based distros will likely follow. Make sure you let us know what you think. Manjaro, Pop!_OS and more are tempting… (Jonni uses Arch, by the way.)

Putting the distro drama to one side, this issue we’re looking at how you can protect and fight off ransomware attacks. It’s the usual combination of sensible precautions, good password discipline and backing up – you can’t holdmy data hostage if I have a backup copy. On a more mundane level we’re taking the time to Roundup the best text editors. It’s an essential activity and it’ll be fun to look at the alternatives out there, along with notes apps, improving Android and loads more tutorials, so enjoy!

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